The Hello Kitty phenomenon

Cute white sleepy cat
The Hello Kitty phenomenon

One of the merchandising marvels of the last twenty years has been Hello Kitty, the brainchild of the Sanrio Company of Japan. Buyers consider the countless Hello Kitty products—toys, watches, clothing, figurines and other collectibles—to be adorable with a capital A.

The main character is Kitty White, who is (big surprise) a white kitten, always sweet and considerate, always with a red bow on one ear. She lives with her family in London and loves to give tea parties and bake cookies.

The cast includes her adorable parents and grandparents, her adorable twin sister (who wears a yellow bow) and her adorable animal friends—monkeys, moles, raccoons, even dogs and mice. One thing all the characters have in common, besides being adorable: they have no mouths. It is a “cult of the cute,” but what cat lover would complain?
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