The grand-daddy of all cat logos

♥ Cat in the window.
grand-daddy of all cat logos

Most of the cat advertising images mentioned in this section are long gone, but one lingers on, and that is the Cat’s Paw cat, the black mascot of Cat-Tex shoe soles and rubber heels. Cat’s Paw began in the early 1900s when the Massachusetts Chemical Company began using the name for its rubber shoes and then later for soles and heels.

Knowing that people were aware of how surefooted cats are, the company employed slogans like “I never slip” and “The heel with nine lives.”

The most familiar image, still seen on Cat’s Paw products, shows the head, shoulders and (of course) extended paw of a black, red-eyed cat. Many a U.S. shoe repair shop had (and has) a Cat’s Paw clock prominently displayed.
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